Founded in 2012, SingleStoreDB is a distributed SQL, cloud-native database that offers ultra-fast, low-latency access to large datasets — simplifying the development of modern enterprise applications. And by combining transactional (OLTP) and analytical (OLAP) workloads, SingleStoreDB introduces new efficiencies into your data architecture. 
SingleStoreDB on Google Cloud is ideal for data-intensive applications with these five key requirements:  
  1. Query latency — Execute and receive query results with millisecond latencies second
  2. Concurrency — Support a large number of users or concurrent queries, without sacrificing latency
  3. Query complexity — Handle both simple and complex queries 
  4. Data size — Effortlessly operate over large data sets
  5. Data ingest speed — Load (or ingest) data at very high rates, from thousands to millions of rows per second
SingleStore has emerged as a quickly growing database (growing 192% in 2021 on Google Cloud), and is leveraged by global brands like Uber, who recognize the positive impact of using Cloud Marketplaces
“It’s a huge opportunity organizationally though to be able to move faster through that buy cycle because now, you can make that decision in a much cleaner, much faster environment.” — Sarah Keller, Director, Technology and Supply Chain at Uber. 
SingleStoreDB is built on “Unified Storage” which is a hybrid combination of in-memory Rowstore and on-disk Columnstore, managed dynamically across three-tiers of storage (memory, persistent ssd cache, and Cloud Object Storage, such as Google Cloud Storage). This offers virtually unlimited storage, and the separation of storage and compute.
Customers choose SingleStoreDB with Google Cloud to power their modern, data-intensive applications and deliver fast real-time analytics — meeting even the toughest service level agreements. 
Bringing It All Together
Google Cloud offers some of the most advanced and innovative cloud data technologies on the market, so why introduce another cloud database? SingleStoreDB is perfect for those scenarios that just don’t quite fit with BigQuery, Bigtable or Spanner alone. 
For example, SingleStoreDB can be used to supplement your full-scale BigQuery data warehouse with real-time insights on highly active data, providing the ability to ingest millions of rows per second, handle updates and deletes like a transactional database and serve complex analytic queries immediately. Real-time interactive dashboards serving large volumes of concurrent users are SingleStoreDB’s bread and butter. 
Google Cloud global infrastructure delivers the highest level of performance and availability in a secure, sustainable way. Enterprise customers increasingly choose to run SingleStoreDB on Google Cloud to access their Global Network Backbone. Google Cloud owns its global fiber network, providing customers with strong security, networking and access to industry-leading AI/ML solutions. 
Success on Google Cloud Marketplace With SingleStoreDB
Customers choose SingleStoreDB with Google Cloud to power data-intensive and real-time analytics applications, maintaining scale and concurrency and meeting the toughest service level agreements, including: 
  • Ultra-fast ingest: Process millions of events per second (up to 10M upserts per second) for immediate availability
  • Super-low latency: Sub-second latencies with immediate consistency — at least 50ms for fraud detection
  • High concurrency: Millions of real-time queries, across tens of thousands of users 
Leading organizations adopt SingleStoreDB to augment their data warehouses (like BigQuery) and modernize legacy datastores (like Hadoop).
What SingleStoreDB customers are saying
To give you a better idea of how our customers are benefiting, here are some recent comments about running SingleStoreDB on Google Cloud and transacting through Google Cloud Marketplace:
“Our goal has and will always be to build our platform in a way that makes it feel like an on-premise solution. Speed of data processing and delivering are critical to providing this within our solutions. Both Google Cloud and SingleStoreDB have helped us achieve this.” — Benjamin Rowe, Cloud & Security Architect, Arcules
“The SingleStoreDB solution on Google Cloud allows marketing teams to make more informed data decisions by organizing data in one system and allowing for self-serve analytics” — Praveen Das, Co-Founder,
Our customer experiences and the business impacts they achieve with our solutions are our most critical KPIs. By partnering with Google Cloud, we have unlimited potential to improve our services to power the next generation — and deliver advantages to our customers, including: 
  • Customers can easily transact and deploy via Marketplace, providing that true Software-as-a-Service feel for SingleStoreDB.
  • Transacting through Marketplace counts toward customers’ Google Cloud commit, which helps partners like us tap into budget that customers are already setting aside for Google Cloud spend.
  • Billing and invoicing are incredibly intuitive and efficient, since SingleStoreDB compute is delivered on customers’ unified Google invoice through Google Cloud Marketplace. 
  • Many of our customers have previously signed the Google Cloud User License Agreement (ULA), which further expedites procurement by speeding up legal reviews.
We are also able to co-sell more effectively with the Google Cloud sales team as they receive credit for a customer sales. Even more, customers receive 100% of the SingleStore transaction amount against any existing “commit” they have with Google Cloud
Discover how SingleStoreDB can transform your business on the Google Cloud Marketplace.