470 Brannan Street
Closest lot to the office. This lot is located at the Wells Fargo and Starbucks, at the corner of Brannan and 4th. Typically $18 for up to 12 hours. Rates are subject to change as the lot is used for Ballpark parking.
475 Brannan Street
This lot is on the other side of Brannan from the lot closest to the office, between 4th and 3rd. If you’re in by 9 am and out before 7 pm it is $14. After 9 am it is $17.50 for a 12 hours spot.
501 Brannan Street
This lot is on Brannon between 4th and 5th, next to K-9 PlayTime. The daily rate is $15. This lot also has a variable rate on ball game days.
424 Brannan Street
This lot is on Brannon at the corner of Ritch Street, which lies between 3rd and 4th. It is a $15 fee.
777 Harrison Street
On Harrison between 3rd and 4th. If you’re in before 11 am the daily fee is $15 and after 11 am the fee is $20. For a two hour time slot the fee is $12.
400 3rd Street
At the corner of Harrison and 3rd. The lot has a flat rate fee of $15.
Ballpark Parking
5th Street between Harrison and Bryant. This lot is $12.