Hadoop holding you back?

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100x Faster Analytics. Zero Complexity.overview

Hadoop is not built for modern applications and is incredibly complex to manage.

Drive 80-100x faster insights at 50% lower costs, while dramatically reducing the complexity with a fully-managed relational database built for speed and scale.

Why move to SingleStore?

100xFaster Insights

Enable streaming ingestion and millisecond latencies for analytics

50%Lower Costs

50-65% lower costs compared to Hadoop deployments


Fully-managed data platform that runs on-premises, or on the Cloud

*These metrics are based off of actual customer case studies.

Mapping Hadoop’s Capabilities to SingleStorecapabilities

SingleStore is built for parallel streaming data ingestion, super low-latency queries, and high concurrency to help you process, analyze, and act on data instantly.

Data Ingestion

(NiFi, Sqoop, Flume, Kafka)

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SingleStore Pipelines

With connectors to Kafka and Spark for real-time and batch ingest

Data Storage

(HDFS/ HBase)

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Tiered Storage

In-memory, on disk, and the cloud object store with separation of storage and compute

SQL Analytics

(Hive, Impala, Kudu)

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SingleStore SQL engine

For both transactions and analytics - Up to 100x faster

Real-time Analytics

(Storm, Flink, & Spark Streaming)

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Kafka + SingleStore

Stream directly from Kafka with Pipelines to perform analytics on data as it lands

Operational Database

(HBase, Phoenix, Solr)

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Universal Storage

Supports both operational and analytical workloads with multi-model data

ETL & Batch Processing

(MapReduce, Spark)

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Spark + SingleStore

Batch processing and transformations in Spark, with SingleStore for storage, analytics, and querying

Leading organizations are augmenting or replacing their Hadoop and Cloudera implementations with SingleStore to enable fast analytics and intelligent applications.

Customer Success

Accelerating Hadoop with SingleStorecase-studies

Fortune 50

Augmenting Hadoop with SingleStore for Faster Analytics

A diversified Fortune 50 company needed fast analytics at the divisional level, as well as the ability to continually roll up data across the company for quarter-end reporting and communications to investors.
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Fortune 50
Fortune 50

Lightning Fast Real-time Analytics on Large Datasets

Comcast can proactively diagnose potential issues from real-time intelligence and deliver the best possible video experience.
We’re now able to aggregate statistics across the entire US as well as glue on to complex streams for complex analysis. We like to say we gave the gift [of SingleStore] to a lot of groups at Comcast.
— Christopher Lintz, Senior Principal Architect
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20x Reduction in ETL Process Time

Kellogg's optimized its supply chain and improved dashboard performance.
Every business user is requesting speed and the ability to move at an incredibly iterative pace, we need to be able to provide that and [SingleStore] allows us to do so.
— JR Cahill, Principal Architect
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