SingleStore is proud to announce two exciting new product releases this fall: SingleStore Managed Service, our on-demand, fully elastic cloud database-as-a-service, and SingleStore DB 7.0 Beta 2, the latest release of our database, featuring SingleStore Universal Storage and new features to support system of record workloads. Watch the previously recorded webinar to learn more about the latest release of our ultra fast, enterprise-grade operational database.

Register to learn more about the 7.0 release including:

  • Introducing Universal Storage — Blends the capabilities of rowstore and columnstore, providing superior TCO for rowstore tables and dramatically improving performance for columnstore tables.
  • System of Record Capability — Two key availability features, much faster sync replication turned on by default and incremental backup, meet the level of data safety required for system of record workloads

Register to learn more about SingleStore Managed Service:

  • Effortless Deployment & Management — SingleStore Managed Service makes database management easy; deployment, scaling, and upgrades are all built in
  • Superior TCO — SingleStore delivers ultra-high performance, for a fraction of the cost of legacy databases and more efficiently than proprietary cloud databases

Speaker: Rick Negrin, VP Product, SingleStore