Supercharge Your MySQL Data in PowerBI with SingleStore & CData Sync

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Supercharge Your MySQL Data in PowerBI with SingleStore & CData Sync


Are you looking to unlock the power of real-time analytics for your business? Look no further! Join us for our workshop "Supercharge Your MySQL Data in PowerBI with SingleStore & CData Sync" where we will showcase how to move data easily from various data sources (such as MySQL) into SingleStoreDB using CData Sync. Our experienced speakers, Jerod Johnson (Senior Technical Evangelist at CData) and Vinay Kumar (Product Manager at SingleStoreDB) will guide you through a hands-on workshop to demonstrate how to achieve real-time analytics in PowerBI using CData Sync and SingleStore.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from our experts and gain valuable insights on how to leverage CData Sync and SingleStoreDB to drive real-time analytics and improve business outcomes. Register now to secure your spot!

Discussion Topics

  • How to move data from various data sources, including MySQL, into SingleStoreDB for real-time analytics

  • How CData Sync helps you get data into SingleStoreDB for fast and efficient performance

  • How to use CData Sync with SingleStoreDB and PowerBI to improve business intelligence and decision-making insights

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60 minutes
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