Security Built for the Intelligence Community

How SingleStore Manages Highly Secure Government Workloadsoverview

Agencies managing and analyzing their most sensitive data demand a series of security capabilities to ensure trust and accuracy of their decisions. The security capabilities of SingleStore were built for the Intelligence Community with comprehensiveness and performance for sensitive data environments.
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Encryption and Secure Access
SingleStore provides role based access, full over-the-wire encryption, and authentication to ensure data is securely controlled and managed
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Top Secret Data and Deployment
SingleStore is certified to handle TS Level 1 to 6 classified data and runs on AWS Commercial Cloud Services(C2S) and AWS Secret Region for highly sensitive workloads
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Immutable Data Governance
Lock data access for administrators and developers with strict mode permission configuration for separation of concerns
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Complete Audit Trail
Built-in database auditing ensures a complete immutable view into database activity

Example Applicationsapplications

Geospatial Analytics
Track, analyze and forecast the location of assets, customers or devices in real-time using built-in Geospatial functions
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Real-Time Search
Deliver full-text search queries with breakthrough performance leverage standard relational SQL
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Real-Time Analytics
Continuously monitor and detect anomalies from disparate data events to deliver real-time actions of security threats or operational decisions
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Epigen Powers Facial Recognition with SingleStore

Epigen has developed a framework for facial recognition in the cloud that combines AWS S3, SingleStore, machine learning, AI, and visualization.
Without SingleStore, I can’t do what I do. I like SingleStore because it’s lightweight and runs on bare metal, I can make the technology disappear.
— Terry Rice, founder of Epigen
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