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Hello and welcome to the SingleStore Community! This category is a great place to start to get familiar with us and build community together. Peruse our documentation on How to Use the Forum, Code of Conduct and How to Flag! Together we make this community a happy and safe place to learn and grow. Take the time to explore and discover.


Are you new to the forum? We want to welcome you!! Even if you’ve been around for a while, give us a chance to get to know you. Use this category to introduce yourself, write a bio about why you joined and share some fun facts about you with us. We’re happy to have you!


Have a question? Don’t scratch your head too long about it and use this help category to get quick answers from a team member or fellow community member. We’re here to support and guide; whether about SingleStore managed service, self hosted, the forum or other community initiatives.


Hear ye, hear ye… here we, post the latest and greatest news and updates. This category will keep you informed on events, product releases, major documentation updates, and other announcements you don’t want to miss.

SingleStore Tools

Interested in learning more about our SingleStore DB Toolbox package?
(sdb-toolbox-config, sdb-deploy, sdb-admin, sdb-report or memsqlctl).
This category is for discussing 1st-party cluster management tools. Ask questions about using other tools in companion to the database tools, performance monitors, queries & CLI here.

SingleStore Experiments

We’re testing new enhancements all the time. This category is to discuss Beta Testing & Unreleased Features. It might not be all that secret; but, sharing feedback and discussing your experience does make it fun!


Have something to share but don’t know where to put it? This category is for all topics that don’t need a category and/or don’t fit into the other existing categories. Share a meme, a joke, an upcoming event or something you found interesting. This is a free area for non-related SingleStore posts.

3rd-Party Integrations

Have a question about 3rd-Party Integrations? SingleStore makes integrations easy, but it’s ok to ask for more help. This category is for discussing partner tools and frameworks that connect and work with SingleStore.

Support Bulletins

Eeek a bug!! Have you found a bug too?
This category is a great place for notifications regarding product bugs or issues that users should be aware of. Get updates as soon as we post here. In this category, we post proactive bug notifications that we believe are relevant; like AWS downtimes or Log4j issues. For product updates or other announcements, please refer to the ‘Announcements’ category.


Have a suggestion? Discussion about SingleStore, how it works and how we can improve is always welcomed. We’re happy to hear them! Use this category to tell us about any cool feature changes or improvements that would make life easier for you. This includes the website, customer service, or anything we can change to make things better for you.

Community Projects

We’re excited to share your successes and celebrate your hard work! Have you built an app with SingleStore? Post the details here or share code samples and snippets. Collaborate with other members of the community on case studies and brag about how your startup enabled optimization. We love to hear your data stories.

Articles and Posts

Have content that you’re ready to share with the world about SingleStore? This category is for Ambassadors, Evangelists & Content Creators to share their experiences using SingleStore before public publications. Get another set of eyes from the community for moral support and to boost your content.