Adapter for DBT?

Is there a plan to support an adapter for DBT? With SingleStore supporting analytics and DBT getting more and more popular for data transformation, I think it would be a smart move to provide a “vendor-supported” adapter.

Totally agree. Right now the only supported DB are snowflake, postgres, and now Databrick. This would bring Singlestore closer to DW cloud DB.
Looks like someone has already started the work for DBT for Mysql

Hi there,

I’m a Product Manager at SingleStore and would like to thank you @crtomir and @franck.leveneur for making this recommendation. Please stay tuned for an update on this topic next month.

In the meantime, if you try out the MySQL adapter and have any feedback, please respond to this thread.


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Hi @jprice, we’re planning to test this connector against a managed Singlestore. We’ll let you know.

@jprice, @DataSleek, any updates regarding integration with DBT?

We did not have time to look into it. @jprice , is there some updates from Singlestore and DBT?

Hi folks,
Your timing is good. Please keep an eye on the dbt adapters space next week. I will be sure to add links here when everything is live!

Hey everybody! Our dbt adapter has now launched. You can find dbt’s documentation here. Please give it a try and post your feedback here!

One other note, if you’re on the dbt slack, join us over on the #db-singlestore channel to chat!