Adding a leaf to a master aggregator on same host


I have created a master aggregator and now I am trying to create a leaf on same host.
But its giving me an error of “Node is alredy having a master”.

So how can I create master and leaf aggregator on same node?

Welcome aboard. There are two kinds of nodes, aggregator and leaf. There’s no concept of a “leaf aggregator.” You can put an aggregator and a leaf on the same server, they just need to have different port numbers. If you follow the instructions for installing the free version using SingleStore tools (memsql-deploy, memsql-admin), you should be good.

Hi Hanson,

How can I create a leaf node using different port on same host and how can I add it to master aggregator?

To install a master aggregator and a leaf node on the same host, you need to pass a configuration file to memsql-deploy setup-cluster --cluster-file and assign different ports to each role.

You can read more about this here:

The example in the above documentation installs onto the same host a master aggregator on port 3306 and a leaf node on port 3307.

Caution: you should not run a master aggregator and a leaf node on the same host in a cluster where you are using high availability mode.