Aggregate UDF and Winow Functions

Does MemSQL supports custom Window Functions?
I’ve tried without success.
I think for custom aggregates it can be possible, but who knows…

Hi sdanyliv. Can you provide a example of your table schema, and what sort of aggregate you would like to compute?

We have support for UDF, UDA, and WINDOW functions, but it can certainly be non-trivial to see the correct way to use them.

There are two needs in our queries:

   SomeBitOrFunc(t.bit_field) OVER (PARTITION BY t.some_partition),
   SomeJsonAggregate(t.string_field) OVER (PARTITION BY t.some_partition {maybe order})
from some_table t

First one i can simulate, but second one…

does SomeJsonAggregate() depend on the window order?

It can be, but it is not so important in my case. I can do post-processing on backend.
My point that such custom aggregates (without order) can be simple Window Functions by default.