Ask Me Anything on Dec 16: SingleStore 7.3

MemSQL is now SingleStore, and SingleStore 7.3 will be released right before our AMA! Whether you’d like to get started with SingleStore Managed Service in the cloud or whether you’d like to run in containers or bare metal, SingleStore has you covered. SingleStore 7.3 continues the tradition of #Speed, #Scale, #SQL with loads of new improvements. Join us for the Ask Me Anything with Robert Waltzer, VP of Engineering and Eric Hanson, Director of Product Management on December 16 at 12 pm Pacific.

Register to learn more about the release including:

  • Columnstore improvements realizing our vision of “SingleStore”, now titled “Universal Storage”
  • Upsert into Columnstore
  • Performance and usability improvements across complex joins, node restart, information_schema tables, replication, and more
  • Ingest straight to disk
  • Craft a json object from table data with json_agg()
  • Streamlined pipelines from Avro data and to GCP data stores
  • UDVs and select … into @var

Register at to join us on Dec 16 at 12 pm Pacific.