Azure Synapse to SingleStore FB

Is there a way to load data in Azure synapse into single store using Azure creds only ??
if not, then here is an addition to your feature requests

Thanks in advance
Vishwajeet Dabholkar : )

You can unload data from Azure Synapse into Azure Blob storage, then load it into SingleStore using SingleStore PIPELINES.

Does that solve your problem or are you looking for something else?

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Hey hanson,

Does single store plans to bring in support for ingesting from Synapse/ Big Query/ Redshift or any other JDBC source to single store ?

if yes, could you please share a tentative timeline for it ?

As we do not want to write our data anywhere in the middle

Redshift/ Snowflake/ Big Query/ Synapse → Amazon S3/ GCS/ Azure Blob

if you already have support for this could you please share the resources for the same with us ?