Backing Up to AWS S3

I have successfully created a backup of a database locally from a Docker instance using:
memsql-admin create-backup mydb --repository file:///mnt/mydata

I am now trying to backup to AWS S3
I have created ‘configuration’ and ‘credentials’ files in my bash directory.

I then execute this command:
memsql-admin create-backup mydb --repository s3://xxx?region=yyy

The response:
AccessDenied: Access Denied status code: 403

Could someone please outline how I should do this backup.

Perhaps the configuration and credentials files need to to be named differently.

It would maybe be easier to just include the credentials and config info in the actual command.

Many thanks.

I was able to achieve a result using the SQL BACKUP TO S3 command.
Thanks everyone.

Dear @jlb – thanks for letting everybody know. For others, @jlb is referring to this command: