Can't deploy memsql cluster

Hello.I’ve tried to install memsql cluster using official guide.I have 4 droplets in digital ocean,with CPU optimized 4vCPU and 8GB RAM each,and trying to install memsql cluster in there.I am getting Failed to install in each node,with exit code 1.How can I fix this issue.The droplets are fresh droplets just using ubuntu 18.04,without anything installed on them other then default.

Here’s a related thread about installation failure. Local installation fails - Help - SingleStore Forums Maybe it will help.

What command were you running and what error message did it produce?

I am using
memsql-deploy setup-cluster
–master-host host1
–aggregator-hosts host2
–leaf-hosts host3,host4
–identity-file ~/my_key.pem
–license AAAAAAa/Aaa/AA==
–password testpass
command on my local laptop ubuntu installed on it with root user.And host1,host2,host3,host4 are newly created droplets that can be accessed with identity file as root user.