Changes Introduced to MemSQL Audit Log File in 7.1.8

We introduced some notable changes to the MemSQL Audit Log file format in MemSQL version 7.1.8 (released August 31, 2020). If you do not have audit logging enabled, these changes will not affect you. If you do have audit logging enabled already, starting 7.1.8, you will see added information in log files, described below:

  1. Added New Level MemSQL’s audit log now includes a LOGINS-ONLY option as the lowest level. These login activities will coexist with audit data from existing levels, but the information about logins follows a different format than other database activities. Please see the file format section of our audit logging documentation for more information.

    Additionally, because we are now providing information about logins to the database, the audit log file will contain more entries. Depending on how frequently logins occur in your system, you may need to increase the rotation frequency of the audit log files. You can modify this using the variables auditlog_rotation_size or auditlog_rotation_time.

  2. Updated First Line in audit log file: In addition to new entries in the file, you will also see updates to the first row of the audit log file. The first row of the file has a new field appended to it, which shows information about whether the audit log level changed or if audit logging was newly initiated, as well as what level is being logged. Please read more information about these changes here.

  3. Added tracelog message to indicate disabling of audit log Finally, we added a tracelog message (in memsql.log) to show if audit logging was disabled from previously having been enabled (i.e., if auditlog_level is set to OFF).