Changing Master Aggregator IP address

Hello anyone. I know there is another post like this on forum but is slightly old so I open another one.

I have a production cluster with 1 MA and 4 LEAVES. All machine are VM. Old IP were: MA LEAF LEAF LEAF LEAF

Now the goal is to duplicate VM to use cluster like test environment. So I duplicated machine.
I have successfully changed IP of all leaves to new one but I’m having problem to change MA IP. Probably because the duplicated MA VM, had bound to old cluster configuration.

How can I change the duplicated MA VM as child aggregator to modify IP on old MA VM and revert back to MA ?

I show you the actual config in attached picture.

The new MA IP should be

Thank you.

I don’t think you can downgrade the MAG without having a CAG to promote to MAG else the cluster would have not MAG. Can you add a CAG, promote it to MAG and then drop the old MAG?