Columnstore Unique Keys Supported in MemSQL7.1

Hi there,

Tables in existing MySQL consist of two or more ‘unique keys’.
This must be configured as a MemSQL column store table. However, I understand that the current version 7.1 consists of unique keys in a single column only.
This table has 100 million data and must consist of a column store table.
Please give me an idea.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, 7.1 only supports single column unique keys. We are working on multi-column unique keys and will release this feature later this yeah. In the meantime, try creating a composite key which is a concatenantion or a formula on top of your keys in MySQL.

Construct a series of multiple columns to which you want to apply unique keys to in one column. And apply unique keys to a single column
Did I understand correctly?
If yes, should I use the concat_ws function?


For string columns yes. For integer columns you can use BIGINT and a formula
column_a * BIGNUMBER + column_b

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