Compilation submission failed

seeing the following error on executing a simple select statement against the singlestore DB.

SQL Error [2423] [HY000]: Compilation submission failed. If the error persists please restart MemSQL. This may have been due to an overusage of compilation memory or accidental process kill. If the issue continues after restart, please set the max_compilation_memory_mb flag.

We had the max_compilation_memory_mb as deafualt of 1024. When we first got the error, we increased it from 1024 to 8192 and restarted and it seemed to work for a week and we are seeing issues again. We have about 4 users having their own schemas using the same node.

Can you help me understand what is the issue here and how to go about it?

Hi sdevaiah! You’re running Singlestore 7.1.3, that correct ?.

Yes @MariaSilverhardt , that is correct. is this a known issue on this version?

Is there any update here?

I had the same problem (same error message).
What was the cause, and is there a solution (other than increasing memory)?

I am also waiting for a reply.