Contains feature for array records

Lets say we create an array based on input json containing records of item, quantity, vendor, country.
Is there a way we can do a contains in array to find if there exists a record with certain vendor and country and retrieve those records which can be used for some other logic??


hairbrush | 10 | Philips | Thailand
hairbrush | 10 | XYZ | India
Straightener| 10 | XYZ | India
Epilator| 10 | XYZ | India
Epilator| 10 | Philips | Korea
Epilator| 10 | XYZ| Japan

if serached by vendor XYZ and country INdia
shoudl get following records

hairbrush | 10 | XYZ | India
Straightener| 10 | XYZ | India

I think for data that’s just rowsets like this, you’re better off keeping it in tables or temp tables and using SQL to filter it. INSERT_ALL can insert all records in an array into a table easily. Then you can query it. We are not going to create filter operations on arrays, I don’t expect, because SQL filters on tables are preferred.

You could write your own SP logic to apply filters to one array and create another, but that’s a lot of work and SQL’s probably going to be easier.