Creating a view and modifying a view

Describe the problem you’re experiencing?
When we create a view for the first time using select * from table A, and later on adding any additional columns in table A is not automatically added to the view.
What is your ideal solution? What are you looking for?
The view should automatically add the columns to the view, since we have used select * in the definition. This will avoid to recompile or alter the view every time when we add a new column.
What version(s) of MemSQL or related tools is this affecting?

Hi @franklw, welcome! I made an internal ticket to track your request.

What are you using this view for?

And have you used another DBMS product that does things that way? In general, you’d like views to be used for compatibility, so as you evolve the underlying schema, the view still works. So fixing the columns of ‘*’ at CREATE VIEW time seems like it’s more useful for many apps. But I suppose we could have both options somehow. I’m interested to hear about your use case.

If you remember the CREATE VIEW SQL syntax, a view can be modified by simply using the ALTER VIEW keyword instead, and then changing the structure of the SELECT statement. Therefore, let’s change the previously created view with the CREATE VIEW SQL statement by using the ALTER VIEW statement.

Same issue here. No idea why. restarted network, troubleshooted ISP… Changed DNS… nothing

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