Data base status showing as 'online-impacted'

Hi All,
We are using singlestore 7.3 version and we have created multiple databases and all were running fine.4 days before we restarted our cluster and since then we are seeing 2 databases status showing as ‘online-impacted’ and showing warning like one of the partitions has some issue. PFB screenshot.

Also we checked the status of partitions and we are seeing one partition state as ‘async’. Could you please let us know whether this is because of any issue and how we can resolve this.


Did this issue persist, or did it heal itself after some time?

Demoting to async is normally transient and it should come back to sync on its own.

Hi @hanson : Unfortunately issue is still there. Now it is showing that one partition is offline. Is there any method to bring it back to online. We tried after restarting that leafnode,but that also didn’t help. Also query performance is very low, it is taking lot of time to retrieve the results.

Also databases are not displaying in portal now. We are getting below error. Please help.


Hi Faijaz,

To be able to investigate this issue we need to look at the cluster report. Can you please send a cluster report to


Now it started working when I restarted server again…seems like there was some temporary issue in network.
Thank you @mojdeh and @hanson for checking this issue.