Database Replication issue impacting MemSQL version 7.0.9

There is an issue that can cause Database Replication (DR) to work incorrectly after upgrading a cluster to MemSQL 7.0.9 with Database Replication in use.

The fix for this bug was released in 7.0.10 of MemSQL.

This bug does not impact versions of MemSQL prior to 7.0.9 (like v6.x).

Bug Trigger

This bug is triggered when running STOP REPLICATING on your secondary (DR) cluster that is replicating from a primary cluster which was upgraded from an earlier version to version 7.0.9.

Active database replication is not impacted and is working as intended. However, when the STOP REPLICATING command is used, you will encounter this issue. STOP REPLICATING is typically used in the event that the primary cluster has become unavailable and switch over to the secondary replica database is required.

When a user runs this command, instead of successfully stopping replication and having the database become a ‘primary’ database, you will instead encounter an error message that reads:

ERROR 1767 (HY000): The database ‘[database name]’ cannot be queried until replication provisioning completes.

In this situation, replication provisioning will never complete and the database will not become available on the secondary cluster. Note that running STOP REPLICATING is required in order to make your secondary database a viable primary database.

To ensure that you don’t encounter this issue using database replication, when upgrading from version 6 to 7, we recommend that you not use version 7.0.9 and upgrade to the latest version of MemSQL (v7.0.12 at the time of this message).