Debugging queries with varbinary content

I am trying to debug a query that sometimes is running much longer then expecting. So I think it is hitting a corner case, depending on the used data. Part of it contains a varbinary value.
If I print it in the active processes using show full processlist, I get some mangled output, which I can not reuse to run a query.
... AND mm.merchant_id IN (_binary ']�?�\\0T�j') ...
Is there a way to get the value as base64 or hex when printing the query or even another way to capture the query?

Welcome to the SingleStore forums, H. Fries! I don’t have a good answer for you, but I’ve asked someone else who may know more to follow up. If you can change the app, consider inputing the data the query in hex and using UHEX(’’) instead of the varbinary value. But I understand that might not always be easy or possible.

Ended up changing the queries to use FROM_BASE64

Hi @h.fries – thanks for sharing this.