Development singlestore/cluster-in-a-box:latest docker settings

Describe the problem you’re experiencing?

I am using cluster-in-a-box docker for development and am running it using docker-compose. I see errors related to available disk space to be low even though the database is almost empty.

Available disk space is below the value of ‘minimal_disk_space’ global variable (100 MB). This query cannot be executed.


Blob cache has shrunk by a total of 0.750000 precent due to low disk space. The cache will not shrink any furthur. Larger local disks may be required (blob cache max size 37801.561401 MB, disk space available 0.015167 perecent)

I am running Docker Desktop on Windows.

This is the docker-compose settings:

    image: singlestore/cluster-in-a-box:latest
      - 3306:3306
      - 8306:8080
      - /var/lib/memsql
      - ./init.sql:/init.sql

What is your ideal solution? What are you looking for?

I do have enough space available on my local disk. I would like to increase disk space available to the container to avoid such problems. Also I wonder if there are other singlestore settings that you recommend to be set for development purposes. Like turning of logging to a file.

What version(s) of MemSQL or related tools is this affecting?


Hi juraj! :wave: Thanks for posting this.
What service are you running (managed or self hosted) and which version?

On production we are running self hosted service. Version 7.6.5.

Can you try to run Single using on docker, using the following command in Docker:
docker run -i --init
–name memsql-ciab
-p 3306:3306 -p 8080:8080
docker start memsql-ciab

Also have you enabled VirtioFS in Docker? That should help you with performance.

Finally what configuration have you used for your container? We recommend using at least 4 Core, 4 GB RAM.

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Also a couple of other comments/tips:

  • CIAB should never be used for production environments (it’s development only-- we note this within our documentation). Specifically the docker image (at least when you do a Toolbox CIAB it’s easier to build-out/expand).
  • Expanding the volume (if you configured one like on this page SingleStoreDB Cloud · SingleStore Documentation) is a docker operation and not a SingleStore operation.
  • We do not recommend turning off logging, but maybe implement logrotation. This will be difficult using the docker CIAB and you will need to achieve that on your own as this is outside the scope.
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