Display cluster+nodes config in Studio

Describe the problem you’re experiencing?
I had to increase the maximum_table_memory value, and had to execute a sdb-admin describe-node xxx --property config on each node to get an overview of the settings.

What is your ideal solution? What are you looking for?
I would like to get a overview of the cluster configuration and nodes config overwrites in the Studio, along with a one-line explaination of every property.


What do you mean by “overwrites?”

Do you want a unified listing of config file contents on all nodes?

I think you are asking for the equivalent of the output of
sdb-admin describe-node --all --property config
in Studio, plus descriptions of the properties on each line.

Is that right?

Yes that’s correct.
By “overwrites” I meant that each node might have a different setting than the default. I.e: if a memsql.cnf file differs.

Would it solve your requirement if we put a column in mv_global_variables that said if the variable was set in the config file (yes or no).

The problem is:

It takes quite a lot of time to understand all the ins and outs of Singlestore, to properly manage the disks utilization, the memory, the logs, the snapshots, the partitions etc…

The cluster settings can be set via memsql.cnf, via sdb-admin CLI, via SQL “SET CLUSTER / SET GLOBAL”… globally or per node.

I would like to have a new menu “Cluster settings” in the Studio, below “Databases”, that lists all the engine variable like this : https://docs.singlestore.com/db/v7.5/en/reference/configuration-reference/engine-variables/list-of-engine-variables.html , with a description, their actual value per node, and if possible being able to update them directly without writting an SQL query.

This way, I can learn about the settings, check and update their values in a single place, without going back and forth with the documentation, the memsql.cnf and SQL queries.


Understood. Thanks for the feedback.

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