Django & MeMSQL Error when running django.db.utils.OperationalError: (2012, 'Error in server handshake')

I have a Django application with a default MySQL database. I want to move my default Database to MeMSQL.

I set the credentials in to be:

    'default': {
        'ENGINE': 'django.db.backends.mysql',
        'NAME': MEMSQL_DB,
        'USER': MEMSQL_USER,
        'HOST': MEMSQL_HOST,
        'PORT': '3306'

I try to run migrate to move all models to the new DB, and get this error:

django.db.utils.OperationalError: (2012, 'Error in server handshake')

If it helps - I tried to test the connection and credentials throughout a workbench (SQL-Pro), and it work successfully. only the migrate give me this error

Hi Smartdnshail1!

Can you please try the following instructions and let us know how it works out for you?

Please configure the auth_plugin as mysql_native_password within the OPTIONS field, as shown in this article.