Dropping table which has a view on top of it

Hi ,
In memSQL documentation it is written " Running DROP TABLE on a table referenced by a view will give an error."

But, I am able to drop table which has a view on top of it. Followed below steps…

step 1 : CREATE VIEW rtl.products_test_vw AS SELECT * FROM rtl.products_test
Step 2: select count() from rtl.products_test_vw


Step 3 : DROP TABLE rtl.products_test;
Table rtl.products_test dropped
Step 4: select count(*) from rtl.products_test_vw
An error occurred when executing the SQL command:
(conn=536559) Table ‘rtl.products_test’ doesn’t exist

This behavior is in sync with other databases. But , I am new to memSQL.
Please let know if I am missing something here.

Thanks ,

Hi Anand,

Which version of MemSQL are you using? The behavior changed in MemSQL 7.0 and It looks like the docs were not updated to reflect this change. In 7.0 we introduced:

so you can choose if you want the view to block dropping tables it depends on or not. I’ve filed a task with our doc team to fix this in the docs. Thanks for reporting it.