ELT tool recommendations?

Dear community,

We are currnetly using Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to manage our ELT workloads but are curious what you are using and if you have some recomendations.
We really just have one requirement and that is: we do your transformations using SQL and are thus doing ELT and not ETL. Which is also why e.g. AWS Glue isn’t helpful for us.

Looking forward to your experiences and suggestions!

Hi Christoph,

You raise an interesting feature, I have developed an ETL tool that also works with
SingleStore, its called ‘churro’ and is documented at churrodata.com.

Today it just performs ETL, but your question has me thinking now about ELT using SQL transforms. If you want to take a look at churro and give me some feedback on where and how you’d see ELT being implemented, I’d love to have the feature described to a point where I could implement it to meet your use case.



Hi David,

given SingleStore’s fantastic SQL performance, we are actively searching for a tool that can provide ELT. We actually have the E and the L part already covered (e.g. using Pipelines) so the big open question is the “T”.
I checked out churro but as of right now it doesn’t seem like it would be suitable for us to orchestrate SQL transforms based on events. Or am I missing something?


What are your data sources, Christoph ?