Enabling http api in singlestore

Hi All,

I was trying to enable HTTP API in singlestore ,understood from the documentation that it is disabled by default. Documentation doesn’t have much details about enabling it. Please help if any one of you have documntation/steps to enable HTTP API in singlestore.

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Here’s the documentation on enabling the HTTP API if you’re using Managed Service: https://docs.singlestore.com/managed-service/en/reference/http-api/enabling-the-http-api.html#enabling-the-http-api

If you’re using SingleStore DB: https://docs.singlestore.com/db/v7.6/en/reference/http-api/enabling-the-http-api.html

Thanks @galley for the documentation link.

We tried to enable as per the documentation but we are getting ‘unknown system variable http_api’ error. We are using DB version 7.3.8. Is there any chance that this feature available only from any of the latest versions.?Please help.

Yes, the HTTP API is available starting with version 7.5. It is not included in the 7.3 release (or the documentation for 7.3).

Thanks a lot @galley for the information.

Hi @galley,
Just one last question please.Is there any problem if we upgrade memsql directly from 7.3 to 7.6. Or should we follow step by step upgrade like 7.3 to 7.4 ,7.5 and then 7.6 .?


You can upgrade directly from 7.3 to 7.6.

Thanks @galley for the information.

We upgraded DB to 7.6 and tried adding http_proxy_port .But we are getting a message ‘Not changed’ .

Also we are getting same message after enabling API and not able to run curl comand to test whether http enabled or not. We are getting access denied on 3030 port. So seems http is not enables. Could you please help.

Ah, there is an additional note that we are adding to the documentation.

If you enable the HTTP API while the server is up, you need to then run RESTART PROXY.

If you enable the API while the server is down, or if you restart the server, the API is enabled.

Try running RESTART PROXY.

Great…Thanks again @galley