ERROR: Cannot open license key file


Today after a server restart I got into issues with MemSQL :frowning:

I have MemSQL 6.7.12 and an active License.
I use MemSQL Tools commands to manage MemSQL.
If I execute memsql-admin start-node -a i get the following error:

ERROR: Cannot open license key file at ‘/opt/memsql-server-6.7.12-650d669b35/lib/license’

Is the first time it happens, as I deployed before MemSQL with this active license.
If I try to set the licence with memsql-admin set-license --license BDI5ZDM3Y2UXXXXX....
I get an error, “no master aggregator found in this cluster”, and it makes sense as all my nodes are down:

How can I start the memsql nodes?
Is there anyway to generate the “license key file”?

Thanks in advanced,


Check if the license file is present under the path you listed. If it is, make sure the memsqld process can read it. It appears that’s what the message is about. It normally runs as user memsql. Check the linux file permissions on the license file and it’s whole path. Maybe somehow the permissions got changed so the file isn’t readable by memsql.