ERROR HY000 (1706): Feature 'Audit logging with binary protocol' is not supported by MemSQL


I signed up for a trial to test if MemSQL Helios is compatible with our database client Prisma Client. The setup of the cluster was nice and easy, but as soon as I try to connect to the cluster via our client to run any query I get this error:

ERROR HY000 (1706): Feature ‘Audit logging with binary protocol’ is not supported by MemSQL.

I found which indicates this error is connected to prepared statements, which we indeed use everywhere. Our Client also does not offer an option to disable that (yet) as the ones mentioned on that page.

Is it correct that MemSQL Helios is not usable with prepared statements or did I overlook something? Can I turn of this Audit logging somehow?



Hey Jan, thanks for trying Helios. I’m sorry you ran into an issue.
We generally recommend not using prepared statements, but that looks like it’s not an option in your case so we are working to resolve the issue for you on our side.

I would like to set you up with a cluster to do some more testing, is it okay if I reach out using the information on your portal account and get you setup with a longer running test cluster so you can validate Prisma?


Yes that sounds great.