ERROR [HY000] [HY000] Partition $:0 has no master instance

Our memsql cluster keeps crashing while we run reports and below is the error.

Background : We have 1 host taken OUT of rotation from the cluster. Could that be causing the issue. Please advise asap as we have user reporting demo lined up. Many Thanks.

ERROR [HY000] [HY000] Partition $:0 has no master instance. This is likely because the node or nodes that hold a copy of the partition are down. Check for offline leaf nodes by running SHOW LEAVES and bring them back online to restore access to the partition


Its hard to say what is happening just from that error message. Your likely getting failovers and potentially if one host has been removed from the cluster your missing some replica partitions.

You could try running:
explain rebalance partitions on <database_name_here>

and see if your missing a replica partition. Running rebalance (Remove the explain) will recreate it if so.

I would also look running some environment checks to make sure things are configured correctly (check ยท SingleStore Documentation). Maybe a hint as to why your getting failovers.