Error running command : sdb-admin enable-systemd-client --all

Hi everyone,

If you execute the command “sdb-admin enable-systemd-client --all”, the following error occurs.

$ sdb-admin  enable-systemd-client --all
✓ Successfully connected to host
Toolbox will perform the following actions
  · Write the template unit file, copy the 'sdb-systemd-client' script, and enable the service on the following hosts

Would you like to continue? [y/N]: y
✘ Failed on host "" with error "error running command: `/usr/bin/sudo -S -k -- /bin/sh -c $1`\n\t\t\t\t  where $1 = `printf bf9dc36a-99c0-45b5-b2ff-3f3e20100d91 && exec systemctl enable /home/sdb/singlestore/memsql@.service`: exit status 1"
failed to write service file to 1 out of 1 host(s)

Nevertheless, two script files were created: “memsql@.service” and “sdb-systemd-client”.

I know I can manage a SingleStore node using these two script files. (though a little research was needed)

However, I’m curious what caused the error and how to avoid it.

$ sdb-admin version
Version: 1.13.13

Can anyone please help?

Best regards.