Excel Download throw memesql

we developer memsql data application and doing excel download using procedure select and API and Java calling the procedure . Is there any option instard not use api and direct if click on button and procedure will download the data . Region is to execute fast

Hi @sumanamara2020, is a stored procedure necessary for calculating the data or can you use a SQL query instead? If the latter, you can connect to SingleStore through Excel via the MariaDB ODBC driver found here.

To make the initial connection, you would configure the ODBC DSN and then follow the instructions found here under “Connect to an ODBC Data Source”.

You can then refresh the data following the instructions found here.

Most of the time I just build the SQL Query in SSMS or Notepad++ if I’m not connected and then I just copy and paste that bad boy into PowerQuery. However, you can do ADODB connections as well and I’ve done them. They’re less friendly to one of my co-workers who knows SQL and PQuery but not VBA, so I don’t use it that much.