Feature idea: MemSQL user management

Dear team,

I am a big fan of MemSQL Studio, especially since it keeps improving at a very fast pace!
I understand that Studio is a SQL frontend to MemSQL, so it can manage everything MemSQL related that can be done via SQL.

One thing I am missing but that would be very helpful in my opinion is the management of users:

  • what users exist?
  • what do they have access to?
  • adding new users
  • deleting users
  • changed a users permissions

Looking forward to your thoughts on this!

Thanks for the feedback Christoph, I’m glad you like studio and the features the team has been working hard to add.

Adding user management is a great suggestion; let me discuss your request with our team and we will look at how we can prioritize adding this functionality to studio in the future.

While my feature request from back then is still valid I came up with another small thing that I think would be a perfect addition to the Studio scope:

  • Managing resource pools