Feature request: GUI for pipelines

Dear MemSQL,

we are getting more and more into pipelines and are pretty amazed by the performance!
In order to ease our development and management, I would like to propose improvements to Studio:

  • GUI to create / update Pipelines (e.g. to select the data source, to select the table, to manage the transforms)
  • When modifying a pipeline, it is important to start it again correctly so that the previously imported files are not imported again. It is easy to make mistakes here, so a GUI would help
  • Some statistics relating to the amount of imported data and the speed of which this happens

Let me know what you think!

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I lead the MemSQL Studio development at MemSQL and I agree with you that we need a GUI to create pipelines. We’re still in the very early stages of investigating how we’d build this, and so we appreciate your bullet point list of things you’d like see.

I think we can keep this thread open in case anybody else wants to give us more feedback on things they’d like to see here (and why).

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Shouldn’t be too difficult to build an interface in Studio. Theres only a handful of options. The biggest hurdle would be being able to pull a file to hold in memory to allow mapping (if using the JSON format)