Flyway Support for SingleStoreDB


We are currently migrating from mysqldb to singlestore.
We are using flyway in order to have versioned automated db migrations.
Flyway does not work out of the box with singlestore/memsql, but it does support adding database integration via JDBC drivers: Contributing Database Compatibility to Flyway .

According to the link above the way to add a new database is:

  1. Have a JDBC driver (singlestore has one)
  2. Implement the support in the flyway source code (as shown here)

There is an open pull request (since 2016) on this issue in the flyway github repository:

Can this be addressed please ?

Thank you for reaching out.
We will evaluate the work internally and provide you an update on when we can get something ready to be tested.

Manish Kumar

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@shushu take a look at the latest pull request by AdalbertMemSQL SingleStoreDB support by AdalbertMemSQL · Pull Request #3417 · flyway/flyway · GitHub

Please be informed that SingleStoreDB Support was added to Flyway Teams & Enterprise Editions