Function REPEAT(string, number)

During the code transition, we noticed that function REPEAT(string , number ) is supported by MySQL. However it hasn’t been adopted by SingleStore, is there any reason behind it ?

There’s no reason other than we have close to full compatibility with the MySQL built-ins from around 5.5 or so. So anything that may have come later, we might not have built.
That’s pretty easy to write in a UDF. Do you think that will work for you? I’ll open a feature request.

Okay , I know how to implement it

Does it mean , any new build in MySQL function is not going to be implemented?

There is also a hack, which you may try, to achieve the same thing using LPAD built-in (LPAD)

> select LPAD('', length('abc') * 4, 'abc');
| LPAD('', length('abc') * 4, 'abc') |
| abcabcabcabc                       |
1 row in set (0.067 sec)
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We’ll implement new MySQL functions on a case-by-case basis. Let us know if you need one and we’ll open a feature request. The workaround is to use different functions or create an MPSQL or Wasm UDF with the same name to do the same thing.

Ok understand , I just was curious what is the strategy , as long as we have simple substitute we are fine