GRANT File write & Outbound


I am trying to grant FILE WRITE and OUTBOUND privileges to a user on my Singlestore cluster. The GRANT query I am executing is:

GRANT FILE WRITE, OUTBOUND ON `the_database`.`*` TO 'user1'@'%' 

I am executing the above command as an admin user - the first user I set up when creating singlestore and I am getting the following error:

SQL Error [1044] [42000]: Forwarding Error (node-2aa6f46a-6174-47f0-bced-508c8a25a0f4-master-0.svc-2aa6f46a-6174-47f0-bced-508c8a25a0f4:3306): Access denied for user 'admin'@'%' to database 'the_database'

What am I doing wrong?

An update on this. I spoke offline with a SingleStore team member. It turns out that the FILE WRITE permission is a global privilege and can only be applied on *.*, and not a specific database. However, it also turns out that for my use-case: exporting to a file on S3, I only need the OUTBOUND permission. Which I was successfully able to grant using my admin account.

Thank you Stephen@singlestore :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the update mitch. Glad it worked out!