HA Configuration IP on failover

I have HA enabled but since we connect directly to the master instance, if this server is down the database is inaccessible. What’s the recommended configuration for this situation?

When the master aggregator goes down, you can promote a child aggregator to be the master aggregator (v 7.1 and above). This command should only be used in cases where the master aggregator is permanently lost.


The command PROMOTE AGGREGATOR … TO MASTER is required for all other use cases that require the promotion of a child aggregator to master.

HA (high availability) is for the data leaf nodes, not the aggregators. If a server with HA enabled goes down, then with redundancy-2, SingleStoreDB handles node failures by promoting the appropriate replica partitions into masters so that your databases remain online.

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On our cloud, we have a private preview of automatic master aggregator failover for Dedicated edition right now:

At some point, we expect to make this generally available.

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