Hash join takes too long

Hi, I have 2 columnstore tables:

  1. test with 421198454 row
  2. test2 with 204003

This is my query:
(id1,id2, id3, id4, id5)
SELECT e.id1 as id1, p.id2 as id2, e.id3 as id3,
e.id4 as id4, e.id5 as id5
FROM test1 e
ON (p.fake1 <=> e.fake1
AND p.fake2 <=> p.fake2
AND p.fake3 <=> e.fake3
AND p.fake4 <=> e.fake4
AND p.fake5 <=> e.fake5
AND p.fake6 <=> e.fake6
AND p.fake7 <=> e.fake7
AND p.fake8 <=> e.fake8
AND p.fake9 <=> e.fake9
OR e.fake10 = p.fake10)
AND p.fake11 = e.fake11
AND (p.fake12 <=> e.fake12 OR e.fake12=‘Unknown’
OR p.fake12=‘Unknown’)
AND p.fake13 = e.fake13
AND p.fake14 = e.fake14
AND p.fake15 <=> e.fake15
AND (e.fake16 IS NULL
OR e.fake16 LIKE p.fake17 )
AND p.fake18 <=> e.fake18;

The hash Join taking too much time. When I analyze it with the Explain it looks like the hash join is taking too much time, but when I removed the all the or operators the JOIN time reduced by half.
Any suggestion

Could you share the query profile output? Please run profile <query> and then get the output of show profile.