HDFS pipeline creation error

Hi Singlestore Comunity!!

I am creating HDFS pipeline to copy data from HDFS server to Singlestore DB. For this I am using the below query:

CREATE PIPELINE ss_un_trade_of_goods_cotton01 AS LOAD DATA HDFS ‘hdfs://ip-10-210-165-228.ec2.internal:8020/data/apps01/un_dataset/UN_TRADE_OF_GOODS_COTTON/year=1988’ INTO TABLE un_trade_of_goods_cotton (ctry_or_area<-ctry_or_area,commodity<-commodity,flow<-flow,trade_vol_usd<-trade_vol_usd,weight_kg<-weight_kg,quantity_name<-quantity_name,quantity<-quantity) FORMAT PARQUET SET year=1988;

The HDFS server( is hosted on an AWS machine. While creating the pipeline, I am getting this error: ERROR 1933 ER_EXTRACTOR_EXTRACTOR_GET_LATEST_OFFSETS: Forwarding Error (node-e86e0e3e-47b1-459d-afd7-083142d4b4bc-master-0.svc-e86e0e3e-47b1-459d-afd7-083142d4b4bc:3306): Cannot get source metadata for pipeline. no available namenodes: dial tcp i/o timeout

Would really appreciate your help in rectifying this error.
Thanks in advance. :smile: