Hi, I'm Charlie!

Hello world!

Nice to meet you all, I’m Charlie Joseph - a 21 year old web developer from London, England.

I started programming when I was 12 years old, building server-sided modifications for Minecraft - all built with Java. As time went on, I started diving into web development which leads me to where I am currently.

Up until August last year, I was working in an insurance company building data-driven dashboards for corporate executives in the business. I was working on my own side-hustle in my limited hours outside of my 6 day a week job, it was fun and at our peak was maintaining around 80-90 million rows of data. It was essentially tracking prices within a game and storing them within our database.

We was monetising via advertisements placed at the top and bottom of our site, which allowed us the ability to pay our monthly costs with no problem. In August I finally sold it which gave me enough funds to quit my job for a year or two - giving myself the opportunity to launch a new start-up.

After I quit my job, I started development on Analyse (@analyse) - a game tracking analytics platform that gives administrators the ability to see where players come from, how long they play for in addition to other metrics. I’ve always loved data and this project was perfect for what I wanted to do, alongside that this was demanded and current solutions weren’t robust.

Upon building, I got to realise that traditional MySQL may not be suitable for a project like this, and started looking at other solutions. I first found out about SingleStore through a blog post by Fathom Analytics that covered why they’re switching. Being a huge fan of Fathom and realising I was going to face the same hurdle, I ended up diving into SingleStore.

Fast forward to today, and we finally are close to releasing the project after months of development. It’s been extremely stressful but it feels rewarding to have more than 70 waiting. This is my first project utilising SingleStore, and now I couldn’t consider myself using anything else.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to meeting you all!

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~ Charlie Joseph.


Greetings Charlie and welcome.

My name is Akmal. I work in Developer Relations at SingleStore. I am also based in London.

Are you looking to use SingleStore for specific applications? Please let us know so we can assist you appropriately.


It’s so great to have you join the Community here. You’ll find experts across our Engineering, Product Management, and other teams plus other developers like you using SingleStore to build. If you haven’t discovered it yet, we also have useful resources located on the Developer Hub at https://singlestore.com/developers with links to our 92+ GitHub repos, how-to videos, and other content.



Hey Akmal, nice to meet you!

I’m currently looking to integrate SingleStore within a gaming analytics system, which will be fed data via an api.

That’s fantastic you are based in London too :slight_smile:

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