Hi! 🙋‍♀️ It's Maria Silverhardt here as the SingleStore Developer Community Manager, at your service!

Hello data friends!! :wave:

My name is Maria Silverhardt and I’m happy to join the SingleStore team as the Developer Community Manager! I’m so excited to be working along-side my amazing SingleStore teammates to nurture and support the wonderfully talented and fast growing SingleStore developer community!!

With a background in computer & data science, I’ve been building online and offline global communities in the data space for over 8 years. So far, what I’ve learned has led me to conclude, the fact, that we are each other’s most valuable resource. I love bringing curious folks together to explore and experiment because we end up supporting each other to solve some really tough problems! I’m passionate about cultivating collaborative partnerships, advancing data-driven innovation and transforming the way the world works. I love doing my best to uplift and improve data folks’ daily lives.

That’s why, online or in real life, when you spot me encouraging nerdy conversations, do feel free to reach out. Let’s share inspirational stories and uplift our communities together!

Twitter: @MsDataDetective

Feel free to reach out and connect! Together we make the SingleStore Community a happy place to learn and grow. Let me know of any issues you experience or any ideas you have! Sharing your perspective means we can make the best environment for all your SingleStore needs.

Happy to hear from you!

~Maria :white_heart: