Hi! It's Pavlo Tkachenko here


I’m Pavlo Tkachenko, co-founder and developer of SaveEcoBot – a Ukrainian non-profit tech start-up that aims to protect people from air pollution and raise the environmental awareness of the citizens by providing them with free and easy access to air quality indexes and other public environmental data.

We are the biggest air quality data provider in Ukraine with the largest amount of data sources:

  • Eight civic systems and business projects;
  • Eight local governmental systems;
  • Two universities.

In total, we have online data from more than 1400 air quality stations in Ukraine, from which near 700 is always up and running.

We’ve started on 2019 and right now, our MySQL database has more than 3 billion records about Ukrainian air, and near 500 million average records by stations, cities, and regions in Ukraine. All that data is available for free on our map, in our chatbots, and through our free API.

Because we were just a small startup, we were not thinking about large amount of data storing, and now we have to refactor our database to make it faster and do additional calculations like moving average, daily/monthly/yearly averages by pollutants.

I’ve found on Twitter a great thread by Jack Ellis (co-founder of Fathom Analytics) about their experience moving to SingleStore from MySQL Building the world’s fastest website analytics - Fathom Analytics, and would like to try SingleStore in our project.


@pavlo.tkachenko Welcome to the SingleStore community and thanks for sharing your very interesting project. Air quality and environmental awareness and monitoring are so important and a special interest of mine: I actually have a B.S. in Environmental Engineering from N.C. State. Regarding your application, SingleStore is great for time-series calculations on streaming IoT sensor data like this and scales well for the massively concurrently reads driven by API calls from chatbots and mobile apps. Take some time to get familiar with the docs and also check out the Developer Hub at https://developers.singlestore.com for links to GitHub and YouTube resources. Pose any questions you have along the way here in the Forum.

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