How do I change the redundancy level with Ops CLI?

(Ported from memsql-public-chat Slack channel)

Steve Clement [11:18 AM]
Can anyone add some insight on changing the redundancy level with the ops cli? Running command: memsql-ops memsql-update-config --all --key redundancy_level --value 2 --set-global on the master aggregator.

I’m getting the error: [ERROR] The 'redundancy_level' variable must be set globally on the master aggregator. You can use the --set-global flag to do this.

what am I missing here?

seth [12:24 PM]
@Steve Clement

memsql-ops memsql-list

if you are showing leaf nodes, you may need to remove first

memsql-ops memsql-update-config --help

specify the memsql_id from memsql-list for the MA.

then memsql-ops memsql-deploy leaf nodes into each availability groups.

Already answered by Seth.