How do I configure MemSql Studio for HTTPS?

By default MemSql Studio is available over port 80. This is not really desirable so can someone please give me an idea of the preferred approach to setting up HTTPS for Studio.

Many thanks.


To clarify, the default port for MemSQL Studio is 8080, not 80.

With regard to HTTPS, Studio does not currently support serving over HTTPS. However, you can work around this by deploying Studio behind a proxy with HTTPS. Studio also does not currently support connecting to MemSQL over SSL, but you can work around this by deploying the memsql-studio server on the same machine as your Master Aggregator (thus getting rid of over-the-network communication).

To use MemSQL behind proxy is a valid approach.
However after several attempts to connect, MemSQL-Studio cannot establish a connection to the server.
If I use non-https connection directly through the port, the connection to the server is established. However, using Apache proxy it doesn’t.
Besides, the logs in both Studio and Server are not helpful.

Can someone help in solving this?
The request is to use Apache proxy to Connect MemSQL Studio to the MemSQL Server over HTTPS.

I resolved this issue by adding special rewrite condition and rules.

@georgy, in order to help the community could you share here what your apache proxy looks like for serving Studio over HTTPS?