How do I run on RHEL6/7 without root access, and no docker?

"I wasn’t able to test MemSQL as I wasn’t able to get it to run in our environment. I don’t really remember the details of how I tried to run it, but basically I have only RHEL6/7 without root access, and no docker etc. So my MemSQL tests essentially finished without even starting.

Is it possible to get MemSQL to run in the constrained environment like I have? Probably not a problem for a DBA team or some “official” project, but for some “grass-roots” experiments that may be not ideal."

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Hi Vasily

Thanks for asking the question (and Lucas for reposting!)

Just out of curiosity, did you follow this specific guide to install on RHEL?

If so, what are some errors you see? The more information you can give us, the better – thanks!

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Hi Vasily, you should be able to follow our comprehensive install here:

We are also updating the setup cluster tool to support non-root installations, which should provide a simplified installation process for just this type of situation. You can expect to see this enhancement land in our tools package in the next couple months.

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Hi @mbhakti,
looks like the guide still refers to sudo privileges. Is it possible to create a Docker image (using root) which can be run without root privileges? I can’t find any Dockerfile sources for the official images (which I would modify)

To deploy without sudo privileges our recommended process would be to follow our tarball installation guide:

Would that work for you, or do you need to run memsql in containers?