How to change node port?

Dear support team
I have installed MemSQL Cluster in a box with MA:3306 and Leaf: 3307. Now I want to change to other port.
Please guide me “How to change it?”

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Hi Cuong,

Thank you for using MemSQL. It is good to hear that you have successfully installed a MemSQL cluster.

According to your description, your cluster consists of one host with MA on port 3306 and the only one leaf on port 3307. Is my understanding correct?

Would you please tell me the reasons that you want to change the port numbers?



Dear YWang
Thanks for your feedback. Yes, corrected.
I’m trying database replication from other MemSQL so I want to change the port numbers for the same with MemSQL exist.

  • 3306 to 2707
  • 3307 to 2708
    Please help to advice this case.

Thanks & Best regards

Hi Coung,

Thanks for your answers. If what you are trying to replicate a DB from another instance of MemSQL, you don’t need to change the port numbers of the current instance to be the same.

Let’s say you want to copy db1 from host_source:2707 (Master Aggregator) to your current instance with the MA running at host_secondary:3306. Have you tried to run this command on host_secondary:

REPLICATE DATABASE db1 from <user_name>:’’@<host_source>:2707/db1;

The latest version doc for REPLICATE is here:

Please let me know if this helps.



Dear YWang
Thanks for your support.
I have a main MemSQL server with MA:2707/Leaf: 2708 and it’s running well. I have done to deploy a secondary memsql server for disaster recovery MemSQL purpose with MA:3306 & Leaf:3307. I will replicate the db between 2 server.
The tableau application is connecting to main MemSQL through port 2707. In case, Main MemSQL server is down then we can switch to second MemSQL quickly that don’t need to change any things related as re-config the tableau reports…This is reason why I want to change the port on second MemSQL the same port with main MemSQL.
I will very happy if you can guide me “How to change the port number on second MemSQL?”

Thanks so much.
Best regards

The only way I know is to add a new aggregator on your DR cluster with the port number 2707. Then make it the new master aggregator. You may then remove your old aggregator on 2707. Please look up the MemSQL doc for the complete syntax for the examples below:

ADD AGGREGATOR root@’’:2707;

– make sure you read the doc



In theory you don’t need to touch your leave nodes for what you want to do.

Hope this helps,


Dear Ywang

Dear Ywang
I created a child aggregator with port 2707. I want to promote a child aggregator to master aggregator following the guide line:

But I can’t run the command: AGGREGATOR SET AS MASTER. I didn’t know reason why. Could you please advise me about this case.

Thanks so much