How to change the nodes address

My SingleStore cluster on a server(ip: with MA & Leaf.
Nodes address was configuration as follow:

  • For MA:
  • For Leaf:

On server existed the database and now some reason I have changed the server address to After changed the IP address then CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Disk Usage was showing “UNKNOWN” and state on leaf was “Offline”.

How to re-config my cluster? Please advise me

Thanks so much

Hi @cuong.nguyen. Where exactly are you seeing that? Are you using sdb-deploy and sdb-admin?

Here’s some documentation about changing an IP address:

Hi Hanson
I’m using the SignleStore Studio for monitor my cluster
How impact to my data if I’m perform as doc guide?

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I’m assuming you are SingleStore tools and not MemSQL ops, so these would be the correct instructions for you:

You should be able to get access to your data back if you follow those instructions. But it’s important to make sure you have a backup first. Since you can’t access your nodes, you may not be able to make a backup. To be conservative, you may want to copy the /data directories for all your nodes to something like /data_backup in case the process of changing the IPs fails somehow or your data otherwise gets damaged.

Following the document but unable add leaf. Could you please advise me?

Thanks for sharing this

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Thanks for sharing this one

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